Most people would ask if there is a difference between a domestic cleaning and a commercial cleaning.  There factors which gives difference between the commercial and domestic cleaning at


 Commercial cleaning however, is required to run a business. Thus, it is included in the expenses of the business.  Since commercial cleaning is part of the business' budget and business budget is part of the business' expenses, the cost of having the premises cleaned need not to exceed with the reserved amount.  This explains the difference between the domestic cleaning from the commercial cleaning, because unlike commercial cleaning, cleaning of the property is not required, however, it's up to the owner if he wants to clean his property all by his self or he will pay a legit cleaner to do it for him.


There are certain expectations of cleaning by property owners, but the kind carried out with commercial property does depend on the business. Any business handling food is meticulous about keeping the place hygienically clean.  There are also health standards that needs to be followed by these food handling business, however, if they fail to follow the rules and they fail to make the business as clean as possible, then they might get a chance of losing their license. This is a great incentive for people to work hard at keeping up the standards.  Most of the time, the employed staff are the ones who are responsible for the cleaning. It is part of the closing down ritual so they know when they arrive the following day there will be no contamination. 


 Most commercial building and skyscrapers are leased by various organizations since they are located in the urban area, thus, they tender out their cleaning method properly.  The proper cleaning method can help them with their expenses every year and it also help them budget their money properly.  However, some businesses choose the least expensive tender, however, it does not guarantee a satisfactory job.



 There are lots of businesses in this generation, and most of them needs to be cleaned properly and be kept in pristine condition.  There are part of the building which needs a regular cleaning scheme, for example, the floors and the bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly, the same with the building windows, they must see to it that the windows are free from dust, especially if the window is used for promotion sales in the shop front. Wooden or vinyl floors must be regularly polished to keep up the shine.  These kind of jobs cannot be done by a normal person, thus, it needs to be done by a professional at